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Net loss of over 5 million jobs in the world's leading economies because of robotics and artificial intelligence... the World Economic Forum said in a report.




If you are relying on your job as your only income source, you are leaving yourself vulnerable.  


What is other facts and opportunity?


The total number of Internet users has increased to 3.2 billion in 2015.

The eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to 1.55 trillion US dollars and projected to expand at double digit rates for future.


Would you cashing in on this opportunity and earn a living?



Capitalize on the fastest growing business platform - the Internet.

Creating a Path for Your Success Online!

You will need...

A Computer with internet access

The desire to learn digital marketing from people who already getting the results.


Where you can learn it?


Internet Marketing College was founded by Chris Record. He has proven to successfully implement up-to-date strategies and internet marketing concepts that truly work.


Chris built a digital publishing company that grew to 8 figures online.


Chris Record’s vision is to build the most structured education system that would allow anyone to learn the highly relevant skills to successfully market their business online, create more traffic, get more leads and convert more sales.


Internet Marketing College is a physical college located in Scottsdale Arizona, where you can attend the classes in person as well as access the virtual classrooms from the comfort of your home.

Who will be your course trainers?


Chris Record has revealed that the training courses will be taught by the 6 figure or 7 figure income earners who actually practice what they teach.

Furthermore, Chris will also provide tuition in this college.


Quality aspects of course material

All major universities has been using Instructional Systems Design as its curriculum structure.

Instructional Systems Design has been proven to accelerate learning and increase retention for students.

Internet Marketing College use Instructional Systems Design as its curriculum structure and it was developed by a team of PhD curriculum specialists and internet marketing experts.


100% Money Back Guarantee


If a student goes through the Ecom incubator program and does not reach at least $12,500 in sales from their business, a one-on-one coach will be assign to the student for 30 days to ensure their success.


If the student still have not reached $12,500 in sales after 30 days, then the student qualify to receive a 100% money back guarantee.

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 Tecademics–Where Technology & Academics Unite

A proper education is all it takes to learn and do things you never thought you were capable of.

This journey has the power to change your life forever...

Like many things in life, you will succeed if you have goals to create life changing results and learn how to do it.